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Australian Classic Car Magazine Article on the 330GT 2+2

To keep down the redundancy of posting articles twice, Kerry Chesbro's Site has these Ferrari Market Letter Articles:
330 America Dec. '79
330 GT 2+2 Feb '76
330GT 2+2  May '78
330GT 2+2 Dec '79
330GT 2+2 Single headlight June '81

Road & Track Article from 1984 on the 250GTE and 330GT 2+2

Road & Track Article from August 1962 testing the 250GTE.
Click here for a larger picture of the cover.

I think these ads were published in the New York Autoshow program brochure, and were taken out by the famous NY importer Luigi Chinetti Motors.

The first two were published about the same time, and show a 250 GTE, and a 250 SWB. The specifications page shows stats. for a 250 GTE.

Although they're all in black and white, this one is a nice ad showing a painting of a NART 275LM.

This ad was probably published in the late sixites as it is for a 365GT 2+2.

Here's a neat add submitted by fellow Ferrari owner Dave Booth. He writes:
"I've got a period magazine ad from Shell that shows the Old Man in the factory, surrounded by GTEs.  Since the ad ran in 1963-4, there's the tantalizing (to me at least) possibility that one of the cars in the photo is actually my 4799GT."

Here is the original Ferrari Bill of sale to my car. It is part of a set of papers that I bought on E-bay from L'art l'automobile. (click on the paperwork to read the story)