Here's a bunch of links I have on Ferraris, friends, and sites I find interesting.


330 Register

good layout, hope it continues to grow

330GT 2+2 Registry

Kerry Chesbro's extensive 330 2+2 Registry. 

Barchetta, The Classic and Sports Car Channel

Huge site, lots of information, good pictures, a little impersonal

CMA Models

Incredible scale models made by Marshall Buck.

Daytona Registry
Paul has created a great site for Daytona Owners.

Interesting website covering some of the Dinoplex igniton systems

Ferrari 250GTE Website

Tom Wilson created a website with an extensive library of publications about the 250GTE. He hopes to blog about the restoration of his GTE, and we look forward seeing the progress!

Ferrari 365GTC/4 Registry

Good information on 365GTC/4s

Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer Rescource 

Useful information on Boxers

Ferrari Chat

Large Ferrari Forum, but more on the newer cars. Some very knowledgeable members.

Ferrari Forum

All topics Ferrari, but also deals more with the newer models.
Has a nice search engine feature that searches all Ferrari sites for information, and a Ferrari Registry.

Jonathon Brent's 330Gt 2+2 Restoration Site

A fellow Ferrari owner restoring a car on their own with some more useful information!

Simon Campbell's 400 2+2 Registry Site

Good pictures of the his restoration of his 400 2+2 and information on these cars.

Kerry Chesbro's 330GT 2+2 restoration site

It's nice to see another old ferrari going through the restoration process.


Another partial resouce for Ferrari Serial numbers

Dutch Ferrari Site

A whole bunch of Ferrari information

Ferrari Club of America Northwest Region 

Good Rolodex section for Ferrari Sources

Ian Levy's 365GTC/4 Site

The Panel Shop Website


Pretty dedicated resource

Sempre Ferrari

Nice site. Lot's of stuff to read on old Ferrari maintenance.

TM Technologies

Kent White is a craftsman sharing his knowledge in metal forming on this informative website. He also has a line of tools, and videotapes for sale that are worth a look. Tell him I sent you!


Deborah Byer

Darryl Chu

Russ and Sue Chaluisan

Bob Borden

Bondy Piano

Shine Design and Distribution

Other Car Stuff

Autorestorer Online

Hey, my site is listed in the project gallery section!

FOMOCO Website

Dealing with Original Ford parts

Project 33

Similar to my site, and just as dedicated! I wonder who's going to finish first?

Web Cars


Ferrari Suppliers
Ferrari Home Page