Ferrari Movies

Here's a collection of movies I've shot of my Ferrari restoration. You may need to download quicktime to view some of them. The stories behind these movies can be found in the restoration diary in the dates listed.









Here's a quicktime movie of the Monterey Historic Races at Laguna Seca.


Scott Garvey's car is back together, and François and I went for a drive! I shot this movie while I was riding (click on the picture). It sure is inspirational to ride in one of these cars once in a while to dream about the day I get to drive mine!!!


As excited as I was to see the lights shine on my car, I'm just as excited to hear the first sounds come out of my car, so here's my first movie clip I shot of my car, and it is of the horns working! If you like this one, I may post more movies. (click on the picture)

During the week, I reviewed how I hooked up my motor on the bench, and the possible reasons
why it didn't run. I accessed information on DC motors in my mind from childhood and had a revelation! I wasn't supplying power to the magnet! A motor needs to have power across the brushes AND a magnetic field in order to work! As soon as I got up to the shop, I popped open the case and found the two wires that create the magnetic field and added them to my battery. IT WORKED! So here's the movie of the wiper motor! (click on the picture!) 

So here it is, another reason for some movies!
Click this radio to hear the AM radio.

Click this radio to hear the FM radio.

O.K. for all those people starved for more movies, you can click on the picture to see a clock tick! Oooooooooo!

A few months ago I was at François' shop when he was working on a silver 275GTB/4. The engine is back together, and he was test driving the car when I was driving up to his house. François came up from behind, and passed me in third gear with wide open throttle. He must have been doing at least 80 mph! The sound of that engine was fantastic! Although my engine is a single overhead cam, and won't rev nearly as freely as this engine, they share bloodlines, so I can only get more inspired to put my car together.

François was sorting out the dry sump system when I took this movie.(click on the image) Does it make you all giddy like me?