Ferrari Owners Gallery

Here are some of the Ferraris fellow enthusiasts have submitted. If you would like your car to be included in this gallery, e-mail me with the information and a couple of pictures. I am not only interested in the story behind your car, but also how you became interested in the Marque. We'd love to hear your story!

Yvo Alexander's 250 GTE SN 3961

Andrew K. Batchelder's 400i

Michael Bayer's 330 GT 2+2

Michael Bayer's 365 GTC4

Michael Bayer's Fiat Dino Spyder

Tony Belli 250GTE

Brandon H. Blexrude's 1967 330 GT 2+2

Dave Booth PF Cabriolet

Andrew Brent's 250GTE

Jonathon Brent 330GT 2+2

Jim Burnett's 330GT 2+2 SN 8361

Campbell Bryson Family Ferraris

Thierry Cabal's 1977 400

Simon Campbell 400

Bryan Cashion 1972 365 GTC/4

Lee Centamore's Series I 330GT 2+2

Kerry Chesbro 330GT 2+2

Charlie Dodge 330GT 2+2

Deane Gardner 330GTS

Yale Evelev's 330GT 2+2 Series I

Marcel Fleerackers' 250 GTE

Tony Fuisz's 64 330gt 2+2

Terry Gardiner's 250GTE

David Haney's 512 Berlinetta Boxer

Pablo Hohenlohe's Series II 250GT Cabriolet

Jack Horner’s 330 GT 2+2 Series II

Darren Jaffrey's 250 GTE #2895

Lou Jedeloo's 412

Chris Kantarjiev 330GT 2+2

Authur Lemay's 1983 400i

Ian Levy's 365GTC/4

Mark L's 365GTB/4

Steve Muzekari 250 GTE

Michael Mcclure's 1967 330GTC


Erik Nielsen 365GT/4 2+2

Roberto Olivo 250GTE

Bryan Phillips 365GT 2+2

Robert Phillips' 500 Mondial Series II

Mike Plechaty's 250 GTE

Wolfgang Rao's 250GTE

Dan Reese's 330 GT 2+2

Bruce Rippey's 330GT 2+2

Bill Rose's 365GT 2+2

Paul Schwartz's 365GTB Daytona

Sam Sapienza's 308QV

Jimmy K Chen Shiba's Ferraris

Taro's 250GTE
taro's car

Rick Taylor's 365GTC/4

Les Thaler's 365GT 2+2

Mark Travers' 365GT 2+2

Tim Waller's 330GT 2+2

Beat Walti 330GT 2+2

Jim Wickstead's 330 GTC

Roger Wills' 250 GT PF Coupe

Tom Wilson's 250GTE

Zac's 1969 365 2+2 (queen mother)


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