GTC fuel systems

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GTC fuel systems

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Im working on a client's GTC car for restoration.

I noticed that the Elect Fuel Pump for the car at the rear wheel has actually 2 electric fuel pumps.

Car is a mid to late car 10061. I have not seen this before and was wondering - has anyone else with a
GTC have 2 fuel pumps and if so are there another changes down the line of the fuel system that
goes with this? I did notice as well there was a block off plate on the mechanical pump and no fuel bowl.

My initial reaction is that someone has modified the orig system and flow - but before i attempt to
reverse all this i wanted to check to see what other experience out here has seen.

Appreciate the advise. The fuel system also has the canister for the filter at the rear wheel as well.

I see nothing in the parts books that would tell me anything different than to assume this was modified.

Appreciate the feedback..

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