GTC Dunlop Brake Banjo Bolts - looking for!

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GTC Dunlop Brake Banjo Bolts - looking for!

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Im recently did a conversion on a GTC Bonaldi brake booster and master Cyl to a Dunlop Booster and Master Cyl for a client.

Beside the brake to booster rod being different, the banjo bolts on the brake master are different threads, thus not interchangable.

SOOOOooooooo, I'm looking for some mint used banjo bolts for the dunlop brake master cylinder. There are 2 required, cad plated which i can get replated. Also looking for the 2 banjo fittings that go with the bolts for the rubber brake lines to the reservoir bottles.

GTO engineering send me a set, but they are generic brand and are not technically correct at the level we have the car.

Appreciate any help.......
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