Parker Hall has retired

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Parker Hall has retired

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I just heard that Parker Hall has retired. But the business, Kilimanjaro Designs, will continue. Motion Products in Wisconsin has purchased it. The plan is to continue the business using the same name, have a website (yeah), etc. It looks like some integration with MPI's mercato page has already been done. The link to Stickers and Tags ( has a number of Parker's reproductions shown.

I wish Parker well in his "second" retirement and hope he will continue to attend Ferrari meets so we can all keep in touch.
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Re: Parker Hall has retired

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same here- good luck parker and hope to see around the shows doing what you do best!!
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Re: Parker Hall has retired

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An absolute southern gentleman !
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Re: Parker Hall has retired

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I know Parker lurks out there, so Congratulations! You will be missed. I think MPI will do a good job at continuing your business for the Vintage Ferrari Community, but it's an end of an era! I'll miss the catalog, and the little stories your wrote along with some of the pictures you took in the past. Good luck and I'm sure you won't just disappear from the Vintage Ferrari crowd!

(Does this mean we don't have to buy all the stickers you supply to get bonus points when you're judging our class?...wait a minute, now we have to do it when MPI is judging!!! ***Joking***

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