330 GTC and 330 GT Campanolo wheels

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330 GTC and 330 GT Campanolo wheels

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Im not sure this has been asked before, but,

Are the 330 GTC campanolo wheels paint color the same as the paint code as the 330 GT 2+2 wheels?

The size we know is different, 14 inch vs `15 inch - these are 10 hole magnesium wheels

Reason i ask, yrs ago back in 2000 i had the wheels for my 330 GT car restored and color matched as they were all orig paint wheels.

They stripped them, refinished and repainted.....and i have those here on the car. I don't know, recall if i thought they were on the money color wise back then, i just let the shop do what they do.

I have restored about 4 GTC over the years, the GTC wheel color we are using today is lighter in color than the 330 GT wheels i have - noticeably. It seems the appearance of the GTC wheels we have done is very acceptable, when compared to some other GTC cars, and we asked a few judges their opinion of the GTC wheels - and got positive comments.

Im redoing some aspects of the 330 GT car shortly, and the wheels is one of those items i wanted to sort out - color wise.

Looking for some thoughts, direction? I would think the color would be the same, but not sure what Ferrari was thinking back win the day.....
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