Nice Pininfarina/Ferrari body buck photos

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Nice Pininfarina/Ferrari body buck photos

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Posted by Evan Smith

Hello Ferrari lovers,
You may enjoy my 12 Pininfarina / Ferrari wooden body buck / styling model photos from the L' Idea Ferrari exhibit on the grounds of Forte Belvedere overlooking Florence Italy.
Included are photos of the body bucks for the 1966 365 P, 1964 500 Superfast, 1966 330 GTC, 1969 512 S etc.

Go to: ... genumber=1

Scroll down to my (Evan Smiths) posts, starting with "Pretty wooden bucks by Pinin Farina #1," read the backstory and or open the "attachment" (1 low resolution photo per attachment for online viewing). On page two of my posts is a photo of a mystery wooden Ferrari watercraft in venetian waters. Hint, it has central steering.

Best, Evan Smith