Seat form reproduced from carbon fibre

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Seat form reproduced from carbon fibre

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Rthe restoration of the interior of my GTE is finished. I restored the original leather and refurbished all metal parts of the seats and panels. The aloy was anodized transparanzly - neatly incvisible - to prevent corrosion of thr aloy. All metal parts were sandblasted and painted - so all good except the two plastic seat forms of the front seats. One was totally broken, the other rather good. I decided to have them made of carbon fibre as I assume Enzo would have liked the light and stable material. See the results with the attached pictures. Unfortunately I pictured them only from the back side. The most expensive was the negative form by the way...
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Re: Seat form reproduced from carbon fibre

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Nice work!!
Peter P
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Re: Seat form reproduced from carbon fibre

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Wow! It's a shame these beautiful pieces will be hidden under the upholstery.

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