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Welcome to the Vintage Ferrari Forum

Post by tyang » Fri Nov 26, 2004 9:04 am

Hello All,

Welcome the the Vintage Ferrari Forum where discussions are held about all things Vintage Ferrari. I'm not going to specify what years and what models are discussed, but you'll see most of the topics center around the early V-12 cars. I do not want to exclude the V-8 or V-6 cars, but feel there there are plenty of other forums on the Internet that can better serve your needs or questions.

I don't mind off topic discussions as long as it's car related, no matter how distant, but please keep in mind what this forum is about.

It's also helpful to edit your user profile once you're resgistered to tell us where you are located, and what cars you own in the signiture box. This eliminates the need to ask.

I welcome Ferrari Owners, Future Ferrari Owners, and Ferrari Curious alike, and hope you enjoy the use of this forum. Thanks.

Tom Yang
'63 330 America #5053